360 Security Has Android Antivirus Covered!

Maggie Lawrance
Posted: October 8, 2018

Keeping on top of developments in the mobile antivirus world is one of our key focuses at SafetyDetective. That’s why I was excited about reviewing 360 Security, a Chinese antivirus and speedup program that has been downloaded over 200 million times.

Antivirus and Cleanup Programs – Do I Need Both?

Many Android users aren’t even aware that they should be running an antivirus. As a mobile-optimized fork of Linux, many Android customers have bought into the common misperception that they don’t need one. But Android viruses exist—and most experts agree that you should choose an app with remote data wiping capabilities as well as the ability to detect and remove viruses and malware.

Cleanup programs have gotten a bad reputation for being little more than battery-draining junkware. Although not entirely undeserved, many great junk-cleaners exist. Particularly for handsets with limited internal storage (like my test device), the difference one of these tools can make can be remarkable. Using 360 Security’s system optimization utility, for example, I was able to liberate almost a gigabyte of data from my phone by doing away with unnecessary app caches and WhatsApp photos and videos.

It’s best to choose a program with both antivirus and cleanup functions, and 360 Security is a great option.

Other Useful Tools and Utilities

360 Security contains a wealth of additional tools that together help keep your Android device safe. I was particularly impressed by the WiFi scanner, which conducts a full scan of the WiFi network the device is connected to. The tool verified that my connection was encrypted and even showed me how many other devices were using the same network.

Stay Safe When Surfing Public WiFi Spots

Unsecured public WiFi spots are a significant risk for mobile users—and cybercriminals can set up so-called public WiFi “honeypots” to lure unsuspecting users into conducting online transactions through their networks. While a VPN is my top recommendation for surfing publicly, a WiFi scanner is good additional protection to make sure the unsecured network won’t lead to identity theft.

Additionally, 360 Security contains a data shredder which is more common in desktop antivirus programs. Simply clicking the “delete” button doesn’t permanently erase data from the device, though. Data recovery tools mean caches from deleted apps could give your usernames and passwords to a cybercriminal.

There were some other features I loved, like the private album feature to protect your privacy (namely, family and private photos) on your phone. 360 Security also allows you to configure password protection for specific applications—and it works flawlessly alongside security features that you may have already configured on the device.  I chose to lock down access to WhatsApp, the stock Android gallery application, and Facebook messenger. To make things easy, I chose the same swipe pattern that I use to unlock the handset but beware: if they captured your swipe pattern to get into the handset, they can also get into these locked apps.

Why I Recommend 360 Security

360 Security is one of the best Android antivirus and speedup tools I’ve reviewed. Although it lacks a native remote data wiping utility, it contains more than enough tools to secure a handset.

Read about the rest of the features, technical support, and pricing in our full 360 Total Security review.



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