Which AntiVirus is better?

Eric C.

Eric C. Copywriter on cyber security, fintech, and cryptocurrency industries

Modern antivirus software has to defend your computer from numerous threats. Both Panda and Adaware use the latest malware detection protocols to find infections quickly. Their use of heuristic scanning means both known and zero-day viruses can be resolved. Plus, they also include features for a wider range of cybersecurity threats. Panda is a premium software with price plans ranging from around $45 to $155. They have an impressive 100% detection rate, although the app does have the occasional false positive. However, you get numerous other features, including anti-ransomware, a firewall, a free VPN, WiFi protection that will alert you about unsecured networks, advanced scan options, external hardware scans, and critical checks for high-risk areas. The parental controls are great for families and the virtual keyboard helps avoid keyloggers. You also get protocols for physical theft like the “Find My Device” remotely locator and the front camera photo feature that activates after three failed log-in attempts. Adaware is a budget-friendly option that provides strong core security. Along with malware protection, you also get default port scanning, parental controls that let you create age-based templates, and email protection with a safe sender list to speed up regular correspondence. There’s also a lot of support, including a software manual, FAQ, community forum, and ticketing system. The software does take two reboots to install, which is inconvenient.

User Ratings

Security 5
Features 4
Ease of Use 3
Support 3
Pricing 5

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You don't need to do anything
Dec. 16, 2018
I've changed my virus protection programs several times lately. The reason: in some cases they delayed the startup time of the PC, were cumbersome to....Show More

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Panda is garbage
Nov. 1, 2018
Panda quarantines important .DLL files. It even opened vulnerabilities on my system where none existed before. It can cause programs and games to stop...Show More

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Macro Protection
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Our Verdict
Eric C.

Eric C. Copywriter on cyber security, fintech, and cryptocurrency industries

With Panda and Adaware, you get what you pay for. Panda is a premium provider that offers extensive security. However, if you don’t want to invest as much, Adaware is a worthwhile security suite that will give you strong protection.

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