Which AntiVirus is better?

Maggie Lawrance

Maggie Lawrance Cybersecurity expert

Antivirus providers take different approaches to guarantee top-notch security. Some focus on simplicity, while others provide features to block every threat. Trend Micro and Adaware are great examples. They each use a combination of heuristic and signature scans to identify and resolve all malware, even unknown infections. With over 250 million users, Trend Micro is a popular provider who offers a wide array of protection protocols. Along with malware detection, it includes social media defense tools which optimize privacy on networking sites. You also get a digital file shredder which deletes all trashed files permanently so hackers can’t access them. A browser extension notifies you of unsafe websites and the parental controls are useful if you have children; even better, you can include up to three devices in your subscription. To prevent system slowdown, the PC optimization tool gets rid of outdated or corrupted files and software. If you have trouble using the features, the “Ask Vanessa” support bot can resolve your questions quickly. Adaware is more straightforward than Trend Micro but still provides solid basic protection. You also get default port scanning, which most antivirus software doesn’t automatically provide. There are protocols for email protection, including a Safe Sender list so your regular correspondence isn’t slowed down by the software. Adaware has some of the most extensive parental controls we’ve seen yet; you can create age-based templates that limit the different sites and apps depending on the user.

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Ease of Use 3
Support 3
Pricing 5

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Our Verdict
Maggie Lawrance

Maggie Lawrance Cybersecurity expert

Both Adaware and Trend Micro will protect you from malware. However, if you work online, undertake data-heavy tasks, or use social media, Trend Micro may be worth the investment. If not, Adaware is still a great provider and will save you money as well.

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