Which AntiVirus is better?

Aviva Zacks

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It’s common—and a smart idea—to be cautious about buying software you haven’t heard of, but sometimes they can be hidden gems. Avast may have a strong reputation in the security software industry, but ESET isn’t as widely known So who do you trust? The household name or the newcomer? They both received near-perfect detection rates in our lab, and they offer several innovative features that can’t be found on other antivirus suites. ESET ensures that your malware scans work for you. The ‘Idle Scanning’ feature only runs during sleep or screen-saver mode, which means it won’t get in your way. The ‘Download Scans’ check files as they download, halting it if a threat is found. The email filtering and anti-phishing technology help keep you safe using messaging services. On the other hand, Avast includes a wide range of cybersecurity tools—some for an additional price—that protect you from numerous threats. Sandboxing means new software is launched in Avast’s secure environment to ensure there’s no hidden infection. The digital file shredder deletes unwanted files completely so they can’t be accessed by cybercriminals. The password vault keeps all your passcodes safe, and the ‘Secure Wifi’ protocol will ensure your connection is protected. Both companies offer support documentation online; while ESET has less content, their tutorials are available in several languages. There are also email tickets, live chat, and phone support.

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Jack Anderson
It works plain and simple
Jan. 9, 2019
I've used free avast for 11 years now with windows defender OFF. Its just outright better and I trust avast to keep me safe. On numerous occasions (wh...Show More
The program always ...
Dec. 13, 2018
The program always, but unobtrusively, keeps an eye on my computer and my data. When my attention is needed, I get a gentle nudge and information what...Show More

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It constantly advertises the paid version
Dec. 17, 2018
Not only has the program not helped me at all, it has even caused me inconvenience. It analyzes the "viruses" and junk files on your computer, but the...Show More

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Aviva Zacks

Aviva Zacks Writer

Either antivirus solution will protect you, but they have their differences. ESET’s main focus is antivirus, and they use various techniques to ensure malware scans are quick and efficient. Avast uses more standard technology but offers protection from a wider range of cybersecurity threats. Decide what kind of solution you need, and you’ll know which one which is the best option.

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