Which AntiVirus is better?

Aviva Zacks

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McAfee is one of the best-known names in antivirus, but Avast is quickly catching up due to its top-notch security. Both companies use advanced behavioral-based malware recognition, which works well for both known and zero-day attacks. They also offer anti-phishing and anti-ransomware protection. However, their additional features vary drastically. McAfee’s main selling point is that it doesn’t impact the system speed at all. It also allows for an unlimited number of device connections, which is perfect if you have a big family or use a lot of technology. The antivirus is available on most popular operating systems, so compatibility isn’t a problem. McAfee users get an advanced firewall, WiFi security, and protection for your social media accounts. Plus, the “Security Management Console” lets you see all your protected devices, as well as remotely locating and wiping them if needed. Avast also provides security tools for both Windows and Mac, but they don’t offer the same standard of security or cover numerous devices. It also provides a WiFi inspector, as well as a password vault and computer and browser tune-up function which deletes unnecessary tools and programs. When it comes to price, though, Avast is the clear winner. Their range of plans is cheaper overall, but they also offer a completely free version. Avast also comes out on top for customer support. Both companies offer online documentation and phone support, but Avast has an additional live chat feature, which is useful if you’re in a rush and away from your phone.

User Ratings

Security 5
Features 4
Ease of Use 5
Support 5
Pricing 4

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Jack Anderson
It works plain and simple
Jan. 9, 2019
I've used free avast for 11 years now with windows defender OFF. Its just outright better and I trust avast to keep me safe. On numerous occasions (wh...Show More
Easy to use
Dec. 12, 2018
Easy to use, does not affect the performance of your computer. The licensing form is not easy to understand.

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It constantly advertises the paid version
Dec. 17, 2018
Not only has the program not helped me at all, it has even caused me inconvenience. It analyzes the "viruses" and junk files on your computer, but the...Show More

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Aviva Zacks

Aviva Zacks Writer

Both companies have their individual benefits. Avast gives you flexibility, extra features, and several price-plans to get the most useful functions. McAfee is ideal if you want to protect multiple devices, particularly if you have young kids whom you want to keep safe online.

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