Which AntiVirus is better?

Aviva Zacks

Aviva Zacks Writer

Both Avast and Panda have received impressive ratings in our independent tests, including near-perfect scores when it came to detecting known and zero-day malware. Panda did have a problem with false positives leading to safe files being marked and quarantined. Despite this slight drawback, the antivirus provider offers a full range of cyber protection thanks to their new and improved ‘Dome’ packages. Dome users enjoy a personal firewall and parental controls option. You can also choose to protect certain files, keeping them safe from ransomware attacks. Plus, you get a virtual keyboard which allows you to bypass keyloggers and keep your passwords safe. Panda also protects against physical theft with its remote location feature that lets you find your device from anywhere. It will even take a picture of the thief if three failed login attempts occur. Both providers also offer WiFi protection, which will keep you safe on any network, but Avast includes some beneficial extras. The webcam shield stops hackers from accessing your video stream, and the password vault allows you to store all your logins with one click. It also uses a sandboxing technique, which launches suspicious programs in a secure virtual environment to check for malware before they can harm your system. It is worth noting that Panda is more expensive than Avast, who offers a free option. However, Panda provides significantly more customer service options, which can be helpful to new users. Alongside the standard online documentation, email, live chat, and phone support, they also have an active social media presence and offer Panda forums for peer-to-peer advice.

User Ratings

Security 5
Features 4
Ease of Use 5
Support 5
Pricing 4

Latest Positive Review

Jack Anderson
It works plain and simple
Jan. 9, 2019
I've used free avast for 11 years now with windows defender OFF. Its just outright better and I trust avast to keep me safe. On numerous occasions (wh...Show More
You don't need to do anything
Dec. 16, 2018
I've changed my virus protection programs several times lately. The reason: in some cases they delayed the startup time of the PC, were cumbersome to....Show More

Latest Negative Review

It constantly advertises the paid version
Dec. 17, 2018
Not only has the program not helped me at all, it has even caused me inconvenience. It analyzes the "viruses" and junk files on your computer, but the...Show More
Panda is garbage
Nov. 1, 2018
Panda quarantines important .DLL files. It even opened vulnerabilities on my system where none existed before. It can cause programs and games to stop...Show More

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Our Verdict
Aviva Zacks

Aviva Zacks Writer

Panda and Avast are both high-quality, so the deciding factors are the additional features and price. Panda offers a diverse range of cybersecurity tools to keep you safe but it costs more. Avast still provides all the essential security elements plus a few extras and can be installed at prices for any budget.

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