AhnLab Antivirus Review 2019 - Not What It Seems, But Still Good

Aviva Zacks
Aviva ZacksWriter
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Catching an attempt to spread malicious code through a YouTube video is just one of the ways AhnLab is watching out for your device’s security. AhnLab V3 Internet Security delivers impressive enterprise-grade endpoint protection without the usual performance overhead. Its comprehensive scanning and algorithm-based data deletion tools make it a tool I’d recommend to any business serious about online security.

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Detailed Expert Review

Aviva Zacks
Aviva ZacksWriter

While we expected something different, AhnLab lived up to its reputation, providing excellent protection for both endpoint and network security. Its enterprise-grade V3 Internet Security Package is definitely one of the best platforms on the market for ensuring that critical business assets are protected from both traditional and emerging cybersecurity threats.


V3 Internet Security is a Windows-only platform that provides businesses with comprehensive endpoint protection while consuming fewer resources than market competitors—making it a perfect choice for those that want optimum security without compromising on system performance.

Its security features include the following:

  • Comprehensive firewall: V3 provides endpoints with personal firewalls to block potentially detrimental network attacks as well as a two-way firewall designed to prevent unauthorized network access.
  • Multi-pronged attack detection: V3 Internet Security offers protection against a bewildering variety of attack vectors, including viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware. V3’s protection is powered by cloud-based technology developed by the manufacturer (AhnLab Smart Defense and DNA Scan) and includes an additional layer of protection, TrueFind, that promises to locate and quarantine even deeply embedded rootkits.


Some other features of AhnLab’s V3:

  • Deep data wipe: V3 can securely delete the contents of folders that have the potential to leak confidential information. Deleted data is overwritten using a proprietary multi-pass algorithm that makes it impossible to recover.
  • PC tune-up: V3 also features a PC tune-up tool that is designed to optimize computers’ performance by freeing up space occupied by temporary files, registries, and other digital clutter.

Ease of Use

Despite being a powerful tool designed for the enterprise user, I found AhnLab’s V3 Internet Security to be a surprisingly easy tool to both install and optimize. The main user menu provides a clean and easy navigation guiding users between the most frequently accessed parts of the software, such as content filtering rule configuration and email protection.


AhnLab’s support program makes expert help available to customers no matter where in the world they are located. The company also maintains well-organized websites that provide online user manuals as well as additional resources such as brochures and white papers that can help users better understand the product.

The AhnLab Technical Assistance Center provides service to both Standard and Premium users, with modalities including live chat, email, and telephone support as well as onsite training and access to the web-based TAC portal.

This impressive variety of options solidifies AhnLab’s commitment to the enterprise market and should provide system administrators with everything they need to make sure that rolling out V3 Internet Security is a smooth and successful endeavor.


V3 Internet Security is available for a 30-day trial after which it can be purchased. Given the vast array of features that it includes, I believe that its current subscription charges are fairly priced for the market.

AhnLab V3 Internet Security

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Bottom Line

Aviva Zacks
Aviva ZacksWriter

V3 Internet Security is a serious endpoint protection tool optimized for the rigorous needs of the enterprise. With its comprehensive support for its products and reasonable pricing, this is a tool that I’m happy to endorse.

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