5 Best (REALLY FREE) Antiviruses for iOS in 2019

Aviva Zacks
Posted: December 12, 2018

We’ve all heard the claims that Apple devices are virus resistant. And while it’s true that Apple devices have lower infection rates than Android, it’s still possible for your iPhone to be hit with malware, phishing scams, and other problems that can reduce its usability.

If you’re like me, you probably value security and want to protect your device from the latest viruses and malware. I mean, who wants to leave their sensitive data exposed to hackers and thieves?

So, here’s what I did for you.

For the past few weeks, I personally tried many of the “best” free iOS antivirus programs on the market because I want to help you secure your iOS devices. If you want to browse the Internet without fear, I recommend you check out these 5 antiviruses designed for your iOS device.

Quick Links

  1. Avira Mobile Security
  2. Trend Micro Mobile Security
  3. McAfee Mobile Security
  4. Lookout: Security & Identity Protection
  5. MobiShield

Let’s explore them in more detail.

1. Avira Mobile Security

Avira (see user reviews) has forged a solid foundation in the desktop antivirus market and its venture into the App Store has been pretty successful as well. While the mobile version does not focus on anti-malware as much, the tool is still feature-rich and effective. Plus, it’s completely free with no premium charge, although you do need to create an account to use it.

The Features You’ll Get

  • Web protection against phishing sites
  • Scans both your and your contact’s email addresses in case they were leaked in a security breach
  • Anti-theft tools that track the location of your phone
  • The ability to trigger a remote alarm in case you lose your phone
  • Activity reports showing the latest applicable security threats
  • A breakdown of your phone’s memory and storage usage
  • Backing up all your contacts to the Cloud

What I Liked

  • The option to schedule scans
  • The easy-to-use interface

What I Didn’t Like

  • The app can be slow and unresponsive at times
  • Some features are outsourced to other Avira apps, such as Phantom VPN

The Ideal Use Case

Avira is all-around the best general-purpose antivirus app on the App Store. Its feature set covers all the basics well, and its ease of use makes it excellent for beginners.

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2. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro (see user reviews) is one of the most positively rated antiviruses on the App Store at the moment. Its feature set is solid if you browse the Internet often. Plus, the app includes a limited-time trial of its premium features, before it requires a monthly payment – great if you want to try before you buy.

The Features You’ll Get

  • Secure QR Code scanner that warns of risky scans
  • Checks your device’s settings for proper configuration

What You Get if You Decide to Pay

  • Content optimizer for Safari to reduce data usage, loading times, and blocks ads
  • Firewall with custom DNS profiles
  • Built-in secure browser
  • Wi-Fi scanner to check for risky networks
  • Anti-theft device locator
  • Mobile data usage monitoring

What I Liked

  • Synergy with Safari to provide a secure browsing experience
  • Runs fast with not too much of an impact on system speed

What I Didn’t Like

  • Majority of the useful features are locked behind a paywall
  • You’re missing out on some features if you use another web browser besides Safari

The Ideal Use Case

Trend Micro is clearly designed for web surfers. It has the most features geared towards secure browsing with Safari, so if you’re that type of user, go for Trend.

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3. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security (see user reviews) provides a feature-rich experience. The app is completely free and comes with a lot of features. It does contain ads, but you can pay to remove them if you wish.

The Features You’ll Get

  • A media vault for hiding confidential files and photos
  • Touch ID and facial recognition biometrics
  • Device tracking for lost phones and other mobile devices
  • Ability to wipe contacts on lost devices

What You Get if You Decide to Pay

  • Ad-free experience
  • Cloud storage for your photos and videos

What I Liked

  • The free version comes with every anti-virus feature you need. None of them are locked behind a pay wall
  • McAfee (the company) is still a trusted name in the antivirus space

What I Didn’t Like

  • Constant push notifications
  • Ads

The Ideal Use Case

McAfee Mobile Security is great at a lot of things. With so many features, it’s a great catch-all option for mobile users looking for comprehensive protection.

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4. Lookout: Security & Identity Protection

Lookout (see user reviews) advertises itself as an “all in one” solution for your iOS antivirus needs. In fact, it has a strong emphasis on identity theft protection, too. The application is free to use, but you can upgrade to Premium for a monthly fee. There’s also a second layer of features called Premium Plus.

The Features You’ll Get

  • System Advisory for checking for out-of-date software
  • Anti-theft features that can locate your phone and trigger a remote alarm

What You Get if You Decide to Pay Premium

  • Wi-Fi protection against wireless attacks
  • Breach reports whenever a service you’re using suffers a data breach and what to do to protect yourself
  • Theft alerts that email you the location of your device if the app suspects it’s been stolen

What You Get if You Decide to Pay Premium Plus

  • Identity protection by checking whether your personal or financial information is leaked online
  • Record checks involving your Social Security Number for fraudulent activity
  • Social media monitoring to ensure your personal information is safe
  • Identity restoration service in case a breach does occur
  • Third-party identity theft insurance
  • Support in case your wallet gets lost, including canceling and reissuing lost cards

What I Liked

  • The excellent user interface
  • Comprehensive feature list

What I Didn’t Like

  • Too many features are locked behind a relatively expensive paywall
  • According to some reviews, technical support isn’t always up to par
  • Some features caused compatibility problems when connecting with other Apple products

The Ideal Use Case

If you’re worried about identity theft, Lookout is the antivirus built for you, assuming you’re willing to shell out the extra for Premium Plus. Otherwise, regular Premium is more than enough to keep you up-to-date on recent data breaches and virus reports for iOS.

As a free app, Lookout’s system advisory is unique, so download the app if that appeals to you, but I personally believe better options exist for free.

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5. MobiShield

MobiShield (see user reviews) contains quite a few extra features that no other antivirus app includes, especially in the system resource monitoring department. While other apps can do that for you, MobiShield gives you the chance to bundle it into your antivirus. It is now completely free.

The Features You’ll Get

  • Backup and contact restore
  • Battery charge and memory usage monitoring
  • Mobile data usage tracking
  • File encryption
  • Wi-Fi scanning to weed out risky networks

What I Liked

  • The many system resource monitors are convenient to have in one app
  • File encryption is something I rarely see in iOS antiviruses

What I Didn’t Like

  • Somewhat cluttered user interface
  • Gives a lot of technical information that can be hard for the average user to understand

The Ideal Use Case

MobiShield is the right choice if you’re an avid iPhone user with some technical knowledge of smartphones. As mentioned, if you’re interested in monitoring your iPhone’s memory, data usage, and battery charge, MobiShield works well. Its file encryption is another selling point rarely found elsewhere.

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The Bottom Line

While there are several free antivirus apps that work well for your ios device, if you’re looking for more complex tools like identity theft protection then it may be worth upgrading to a paid or premium version.

However, if you’re just looking for the bare bones or you’re not quite ready to commit to a paid version and wish to try before you buy, then one of the above five free antiviruses is the way to go.

For more info on these and other antivirus solutions, visit our reviews page.

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