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Eric C.

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While Malwarebytes is more well-known than Adaware, that doesn’t automatically make it the best. We compared these two antivirus providers to find out which one is better. They both offer real-time protection using signature-scanning and behavioral-monitoring to catch nearly every malware threat. Plus, they’re both in a similar price range, so it’s the additional features that really make the difference. Malwarebytes provides strong core security and allows for high levels of customization. It offers advanced scheduling options for scans, as well as custom checks on individual applications. You also get a rootkit scanner to check for infections that might not be otherwise recognizable. The report history allows you to go back and check past results. Plus, if you submit an issue with the software, you are entered into a cash prize drawing for reporting it. The pop-up guidance is great for providing insights into different threats, and the integrated support tool will answer your questions quickly. Adaware also includes handy extras to increase overall security. The default port scanner automatically checks ports for infections without any set-up required. Plus, you get email protection, which includes a safe sender list to speed up regular correspondence. The parental controls are more extensive than most, and they allow you to create age-based templates that block specific sites and apps. Adaware includes a wealth of online support, including a PDF software manual, FAQ, and community forum. It does take two reboots to install, but the overall user experience is sleek and easy.

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Security 5
Features 4
Ease of Use 3
Support 3
Pricing 5

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robert heinemann
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Feb. 19, 2019
works wonders. Had installed other antivirus but computer had too many issues especially the browser kept popping fake search engines. malwarebytes ha...Show More

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Eric C.

Eric C. Copywriter on cyber security, fintech, and cryptocurrency industries

The best choice for your needs depends on how involved you want to be. Malwarebytes is a highly-customizable program that lets you create a secure environment based on your personal needs. While Adaware has less room for editing, it still offers strong protection for the whole family.

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