Which AntiVirus is better?

Aviva Zacks

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Antivirus software is more complex than ever in order to provide optimum protection. Comodo and Avira are both top-rated providers who use different techniques to keep you safe. They’re both over 97% accurate in malware detection, using a combination of signature-scanning and behavior-monitoring to spot even unknown infections. However, that’s where the similarity ends. Avira’s main focus is to optimize your Window’s device for top security. It upgrades your built-in firewall and includes anti-ransomware and anti-phishing protocols. The PC tune-up tool deletes unnecessary and outdated files and logs to minimize system slowdown. Users are automatically notified when software goes out of date to avoid unpatched security holes. The ‘Virus Lab’ is great for beginners, as it teaches you all about malware threats. There’s also payment protection and a handy price comparison Chrome extension which are ideal for shopping online. On the other hand, Comodo uses multiple techniques to prevent malware infections. Along with top-quality detection tools, its sandboxing technology launches files in a virtual environment so infections can be caught and quarantined quickly. The cloud-based whitelist feature speeds up the process so safe programs aren’t continuously scanned. If you think your system may have an infection, the Application Control locks it down and only uses safe programs. There’s also a Game Mode, which pauses pop-up notifications during gameplay and other full-screen activities.

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Security 5
Features 5
Ease of Use 4
Support 4
Pricing 5

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Works well
Dec. 15, 2018
It took a very long time to do the first analysis, otherwise works well.
Charles Moore
I am quite impressed
Feb. 8, 2019
Indeed Comodo is one of the best anti-malware software on the market. I praise its auto-sandboxing feature and many management tools. I had two other ...Show More

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Horrible antivirus
Nov. 6, 2018
It did not solve the problem. My browser is hacked by ads, and nothing works.

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Aviva Zacks

Aviva Zacks Writer

Both Avira and Comodo offer free versions, but Comodo offers the most expensive premium plan. Avira is the best choice for beginners as it walks users through the process. Comodo is ideal for those who regularly use their device and need low-maintenance security that works in the background.

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